There are many reasons for the property owners to invest in window tinting.

Heat control– Cool your home or office in hot summer, use less air conditioner up to 60%.
UV Rays-stop fading of furnisher and protecting curtains and blinds from a strong harsh sun raise
Privacy– get the privacy you need in your space. Dont let them see you but you can see them.
Glare: You can work on your computer all day with your blinds open for a better view, watch tv set anytime of the day and use your projectors for meetings anytime of the day.

We also decorate the glass with a vinyl film. We design to your requirement. Company logo’s, pattern designs for board rooms, staircase glass and bathroom windows. This will provide you with the privacy you need and still retain the light you like..

We window tint:

  • Buildings
  • Private Homes
  • Industrial

Reasons for tinting:

  • Heat Control
  • Privacy
  • UV Rays Control
  • Sun Protection (Glare)
  • Office Decor (sandblast Vinyl)

Colours available in:

  • Silver Reflective
  • Grey Reflective
  • Bronze Reflective
  • Grey none reflective
  • Bronze non reflective
  • Charcoal & much more to choose from!!!

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