We do any upholstery work to match your new décor…

Ancient and today old and new torn and repaired not looking good can be serviced… we handle any material and return a modern and stylish unique look to that furniture you love. Get a quote online and save more.

Furniture refurbishment & Custom furniture

We do any upholstery work to match your new décor and liven up favorite pieces, we also custom make furniture for example lounge suites, chairs, ottomans, headboards etc…

Headboards & cushions

Comfort matters and resting is necessary especial when taking your time, therefore we got you resting your way choose your design your colour and request a quote online and save big on our quality products.

Bedding, Scatters & Throws

  • We supply scatters in all sizes , shapes, colors and fabrics
  • A scatter can change the look of a room, couch or bed in an instant, it adds to décor scheme, mood, ambience and it allows the use of trends, accents and personal taste to shine through.
  • We also provide bedding in the form of comforters and throws and have a wide variety of choices in fabric and color.
Terms and Conditions

1. Quotation is valid for 30 days from quotation date. Period of project production depends on the amount of work.
2. Payment terms: Deposit equal to 60% of the total quotation cost payable on placement of the order and the balance should be settled on completion of the project.
3. The client needs to submit a list of mistakes & changes in writing within seven days; Amijoh Interior Designs will solve the Mistakes within 2 working days.
4. The order will be made up in accordance with the design and choice accepted by the customer. Changes made afterwards will be for the account of the customer.
5. A quotation will remain a quotation until the official contract is signed and is in possession of Amijoh Interior Designs.
6. Bank details: Bank Name: Standard Bank. Account Number: 100 477 01836. Branch Code: 051001. Account Holder: Malatji Pinky. Proof of deposit must be emailed to Amijoh Interior Designs before work will be started.
8. Every project from Amijoh Interior Designs remains the property of Amijoh Interior Designs until full payment has been received.